michelle shostackIt is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of the School of Arts and Sciences Educational Opportunity Fund (SAS EOF) Program at Rutgers University. The SAS EOF Program is the largest in New Jersey, serving approximately 1300 scholars in the School of Arts and Sciences, Rutgers Business School, Mason Gross School of the Arts, School of Management and Labor Relations and Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy. The SAS EOF Program is a part of the Office of Undergraduate Education in the School of Arts and Sciences, and was formed in 2007 when the liberal arts colleges' EOF Programs at Rutgers New Brunswick (Douglass College, Livingston College, Rutgers College, and University College) merged.

SAS EOF scholars are New Jersey residents and qualify for the Program on the basis of financial and academic need. All SAS EOF scholars are assigned a counselor, who provides them with comprehensive academic counseling, from the time they enter Rutgers University through graduation. SAS EOF scholars possess tremendous potential, and are encouraged to take advantage of every resource available at the University to assist them in reaching their educational and post-graduation goals. Please click on our Good News to see a sampling of the great things that SAS EOF scholars and alumni are doing.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Michelle Shostack