What is EOF Confirmation


Verification of students' income, assets & household size from their FAFSA or New Jersey Alternative Application is needed to confirm eligibility for the EOF grant and support services of all first time EOF participants.

The Rutgers Office of Financial Aid will review students' NJFAMS Accounts to complete this process. Delays may occur if HESAA documents are pending or if FAFSA/NJAFAA submissions are incomplete.

Students with incomplete files may receive requests for documents from the Rutgers Office of Financial Aid or HESAA. It's a student's responsibility to provide all necessary financial information to HESAA and/or the Rutgers Office of Financial Aid. The assigned EOF counselor of Admit-Coming students will them with navigating this process. Keep an eye on email for updates and requests in a timely manner. 

Failure to submit requested financial documents to the respective offices

may result in the loss of EOF Admissions and state aid eligibility.


SAS EOF Admitted Student Information Session

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How to Complete EOF Confirmation

Step 1:  Students must complete a financial aid application


1. Add Rutgers University to your list of schools on FAFSA or NJAFAA. (School code is 002629)

2. Agree to Consent and Approval of the parent & student federal tax information is linked to the FAFSA. Follow steps in the video below:

3 . Revise the Response to the UNSUB Only Question. If the parent refusal question was marked incorrectly on the FAFSA, or if you want to be considered for Pell Grants , State Grants like EOF, subsidized loans, you will need to correct the question.



Step 2: Each student must create a HESAA state aid account and complete their “To Do List”

Create Accounts at NJFAMS.ORG

Due to delays with the federal government processing the 24-25 FAFSA, the HESAA portal may not be available until late April.

How to Upload Documents to HESAA

Questions? HESAA Customer Care:

609-584-4480 (English and Español)

800-792-8670 (English and Español)


Step 3: Students must activate their Rutgers NETID, login to their my.rutgers.edu account. One parent of dependent students must create a Rutgers CommunityID. This will act as a virtual signature.


A parent of dependent students must follow these steps to grant this parent authorization to the myGuest Dashboard. Then, choose the Custodial permission level under the Financial Aid Records section. This will allow parents to create a CommunityID & sign documents electronically to complete your Asset & Verification Forms. For instructions on how to create a CommunityID, click HERE


Step 4: Order the IRS 2022 Tax Forms


Please note: Individuals who do not have a Social Security number but an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number will not be able to request the IRS forms via the website. The mail order or in person option are the only options. 

  • The Tax Return Transcript: The IRS processed version of the 1040 Federal Tax Form. 
  • Verification of Non-Filing Letter.: The IRS Proof of a person did not file taxes.
  • The Wage & Income Statement: The IRS record of earned wages and income/W-2 Form Alternative

Sample of Return Transcript:


Sample of Verification of Non Filing LetterrtaImage


1. Instant Download from IRS

2. Pick Up in Person: Locations may require appointments. Bring the completed IRS Form 4506-T to the nearest IRS office This is the only way to guarantee you receive the IRS forms. NOTIFY EOF COUNSELOR OF IRS APPOINTMENT, DATE & TIME

3. BY FAX: Complete the IRS Form 4506-T, and check box 6a, 7 and 8 to request a return transcript, year: 12.31.2022. Fax to 855-821-0094 (allow 10 business days) SAVE ALL FAX CONFIRMATION PAGES & ORIGINAL SIGNED 4506T for your records as they may be requested.



If your family received any income in the list below, you may be required to upload document proof by Rutgers or HESAA. Begin collecting these items now so they are ready to upload when requested. Do not upload documents that are not requested.

Common Forms Requested

How to get the Forms

Amended Tax Returns Visit your Tax Accountant to have the form prepared Submit the signed 1040X Tax Return or order the IRS Account Transcript 
Unemployment Insurance benefits-1099G Form Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  Sample

W-2 Forms or IRS Wage and Income Statement

Order from IRS.GOV or Contact Previous Employers 

Sample W-2

Sample Wage & Income

Proof of Citizenship for U.S. Citizens *Must be signed

U.S. Passport or Green Card (Front & Back Copies)  



Yearly Supplemental Social Security Statements (SSI) Benefit Letter, Security Benefits (SSI), Social Security Benefits SSA-1099 Letter, Pension, Disability, or Veteran Benefits statements.

Must list totals received from January to December of the year

Contact your local Social Security Office to get your pension, disability, or veteran benefits statements

Order Online

None Received Statement

Sample SSI Letter

Sample SSA-1099

Yearly Totals of Public Assistance Statements] (Welfare, Temporary Assistance Needy Families (TANF), WIC, or Housing Assistance)  No monthly statements
Contact your local Department of Human Services to get your public assistance statements 
Computer print out of history of benefits for the year from the department
 Property Tax Assessment Form County Tax Assessor's Office Sample
Schedules 1, 2, 3, C, E, etc. See the 1040 Federal Individual Tax Returns,each Schedule is labeled in upper left hand corner  


 Helpful Tips

Use Firefox/Chrome Internet Browsers

If using the same device to access parent accounts, use a private browser or incognito mode

Read carefully and answered all questions completely.

Answer N/A or "0" Leave nothing blank.

Faxing access is available at all SAS EOF offices & during the SAS EOF Confirmation Workshops

Need help? Contact your assigned EOF Counselor or Visit your closest RU One Stop Location

Missing pages or incomplete or illegible information will delay your status. Copy double sided pages carefully.

Issues uploading to Rutgers? Use Firefox or Chrome

JPG, PNG or PDF Files are preferred

Check your account & email regularly. New documents may be requested at any time

Rutgers Financial Aid may take up to 2 weeks to review your documents.

If you are asked to submit the same document to HESAA & RU Financial Aid, it must be submitted in BOTH parties.