Current Sophomores & Juniors

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R U a 2nd or 3rd year Rutgers student interested in joining the SAS EOF program? 

Complete the following steps:

  • Review the NJ EOF Eligibility Requirements
  • Complete the SAS EOF Prescreen Questionnaire
  • The SAS EOF department will contact you to schedule an interview with requested income documents.
    • This includes IRS documents which may take 5-10 business days to be received by mail, if not available for download from IRS.GOV.
    • A TWO-year income review is required to confirm financial eligibility for EOF. For example, for 2020-21 EOF consideration: 2018 & 2017 income documents will be requested. Please review the Eligibility page.
  • Final confirmation of EOF eligibility requires completing and submitting the two-year income documents for the EOF Verification Process with the Rutgers Office of Financial Aid.
    • Submit all income verification documents listed in your Check Required Documents Portal immediately according to the deadlines. Failure to complete the process by the deadlines may result in the inability to award any new EOF grants for the semester of application.




*(EOF regulations do not allow scholars in their final two semesters to receive their first EOF grant payment N.J.A.C.9A:11-2.8(g).)