Bahnasy, Nancy

  • Portrait
  • Nancy Bahnasy
  • Major/Minor: Political Science/Critical Intelligence Studies and Military Studies
  • Hometown: North Plainfield, NJ

"The photo here is a head shot taken in Fall 2019 following my graduation of Air Force ROTC Summer Boot camp training in Maxwell, Alabama. This graduation was just one of the important milestones after a couple long years of fighting through challenges academically and physically. The rigor of ROTC was intense because the expectation to be an officer is to have excellent academics and physical fitness. I made those my top two goals, and my EOF family has supported me as I pursued them. They helped me align my academic goals with my goals after graduation, which is to earn a Commission into the United States Air Force. Without their support for me academically and in my personal life, I would not have been able to reach each stepping stone that is ultimately leading me to make my dreams a reality."