Professor VotipkaProfessor Votipka could eat fried chicken fingers, apples and chocolate cake everyday no joke. Since he has taught research writing courses like "Queer Drama: LGBTQ Identity on Stage and Screen," He recommends gay classics including  "The Birdcage" and "To Wong Fu, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar." as movies to watch. For Professor Votipka teaching writing practicum is "an ideal way to support college level reading and writing- we improve and learn through practice." 

He says if he could travel anywhere he would travel the world  and see all the continents some day! The picture he shared is him in Galway, Ireland- with a statue of the writer Oscar Wilde.


Professor Mindy WeyProfessor Wey's go-to activity is running. She says, "I run as often as I can, and long distances. I’ve done many triathlons, half-marathons and one marathon. I’ve been running since middle school, and I’m still going.  I also like riding the waves, no love riding waves. I don’t get to the ocean as readily as I get to the road or trails though. All that running makes her want her favorite ice cream flavors, coconut or mango, dairy free of course.

Professor Wey says the best vacation she ever took was when she went to Italy, Greece and Croatia with her daughter. She shares that everything was wonderful from the food, weather to the history and scenery and of course the best part was spending time with her child! This made her wish she could time travel but still thankful she lives in the era that she does.

But why does she love teaching math so much? Well that easy she says, " Iove teaching mathematics to help my students see the joy, utility and beauty of mathematics and to increase or facilitate appreciation of and for mathematics. Mathematics is so much more than most people think it is. I hope to give my students a nudge to do more, and want to do more with the discipline than they otherwise would.  I’m partial, but Math is the best subject ever!"


 Professor Natalie DeSorboProfessor Natalie DeSorbo shared that when she feels stressed she has her go-to activities; yoga, listening to my favorite music, and playing with my niece Elliana. She says her niece will be 2 years old in October and just started walking. Yoga reminds her  to breathe and take care of her  body, and music brings her to " another space mentally."  My current favorite artists  are Hozier and H.E.R.  

Of course doing all those activities could put anyone into the mood for some ice cream and her flavor is strawberry. Since she doesn't eat dairy anymore, she loves Rita’s ice Black cherry and watermelon chip.

The best vacation ever she says is " going down the shore ever summer as a kid! When I think of the beach, I feel very nostalgic. My grandparents always rented a beach house in a little town called Lavallette. They did this since the 1940s when they were newlyweds! I loved being on the beach with my older sister and cousins. At night, we would get ice cream, ride our bikes around town, and enjoy the warm summer breeze." 

Her love for teaching really stemmed from watching her mother as  a kindergarten teacher for 35 years She says she loved how her mother, " elegantly balanced compassion with clear expectations. She is my biggest role model!" But what Rutgers?  Well she says writing at Rutgers because, " I can hear students’ opinions about our current world and see them passionately express those opinions in their essays. Over the years, I have seen students find their voices and gain confidence. I love teaching language, vocabulary and grammar in particular, because they are the foundation of creativity in writing. I teach all of my students that words are powerful, and choosing the best words to express their ideas is key in forming a really unique claim."