To continue our summer of "community building" we are excited to feature three more Summer Institute Faculty Members below.

Cyndi Roemer with ChewieCyndi Roemer is not only one of our math faculty for this summer but she is also our math coordinator.IF she could recommend one movie to watch when you are not doing math work its the original Ghostbusters! OF course she loves teaching math because like a puzzle its fun to solve. With math being everywhere she says, "It is such a practical subject that everyone uses in some way in all fields. I know that students do not necessary realize how far reaching mathematics is or the beauty of the subject. It is amazing how all the pieces come together. Ultimately, I like helping students to see that even though they may find the subject challenging, they can learn math as long as they apply themselves. And when I can help them develop an appreciation of mathematics that is an added bonus!"

Now like most college students the food she could have everyday is pizza!  She did say that ice icream would be the other option if it counted as a food. Now between pizza, ghostbusters and math you have to wonder whats the most daring thing Dr.Roemer has done? Well she said zip lining and I quote "It was a blast!"



John ChristopherAnother lover of Math, Professor John Christopher says the most daring thing he has done at this stage in life driving over the Delaware Bridge !  However he once went on the Great American Scream Machine at six flags eyes shut of course screaming  the entire ride.  But aside from his adventurous streak he too cant live without Pizza as the food he could have everyday. Professor Christopher  couldn't recommend a movie as he is more of a sitcom kind of guy. He'd recommend a classic; Seinfield! 

With all these exciting things why does he loves to teach math you ask? Simple he says, "Because everyone hates math!  I feel that if I can get students to overcome the fear of math, they will see that it is not as tough as they think!


Dr. Regina MasielloDr. Regina Masiello spoken like a true lover of English, couldn't recommend a movie for you but hopes that if you have time will read The Overstory by Richard Powers. Her most daring moment happened in Vermont when she took a Zip Line Canopy Tour in the  forests where she says " I followed a mountain brook through the canopies of mature hemlock, white birch, and sugar maple trees. I crossed bridges high above the forest floor, rappelled from trees, and sailed from platform to platform through the forest. It was fantastic! When she isn't ziplining she is teach a subject she loves; writing.

When asked why she likes teaching it so much she says, "So many students start my classes saying they aren't "good at writing." Just like learning many other skills,  becoming a strong reader, thinker, and writer takes practice and time. Helping students practice not only writing, but also the careful reading and critical thinking that precedes it, is incredibly rewarding. As students gain confidence reading the texts and the world around them, I watch them take back power they had relinquished to the notion that "they just couldn't write," and I watch them develop analytical skills which will help them in college and in the world. It is an honor and a privilege to work with young people who will shape our world in the years to come, and to help them on their journey to being active citizens and community leaders.

Of course if she had to have one food everyday it would be pasta but then again ice cream. She couldn't decided so have both!