This week we are lucky to feature Math Professor Sally Mulvey and Writing Professor Dr. Alicia Williams

Dr WilliamsDr. Alicia Williams (on the train with her sister)Dr.Williams loves to teach writing and literature becuase "teaching writing and literature means being part of a space where dozens of people are thinking about and responding to the world in class and getting to work with those responses as they are developed in individual voices in written work. I just think that’s generally an awesome experience. And it gets better (!) when we really slow the writing process down to find language for specific, thorough, interpretive analysis of textual evidence. In my experience that approach becomes an always needed reminder (for myself, too) that writers can create and own original knowledge—something that often seems like an impossible task. Of Course Dr.Williams has other loves, like going for walks in the summer months and finding ice cream on a warm summer night. We know what she means when she says, "peak summer air telling you that you definitely don't need a sweater at night" 

At lets not forget that summer BBQ's are essential but the part that's most important to her? The condiments.  She would prefer a bun full of condiments then one with only the main feature.  Gettin the perfect array and ratio of items is the " is the perfect thing for your taste buds.."

Of course with her love for summer, BBQs, and writing she is full of advice for students. The takeaway she hopes you get from this year is that you find your sense of belonging at Rutgers even if you wont be on campus!

PrSally MulveyProfessor Sally Mulveyofessor Mulvey loves teaching  math because she finds it " challenging, yet very possible to make it clear to students so they understand, and don't feel insufficient in their abilities and fearful as sometimes they do. Of course in her mind the essential go to items for a BBQ are burgers and hot dogs but with a side of grilled veggies. In the summer when Professor Mulvey is not teaching in our Summer Institute she loves to go hiking, swimming and anything that keeps her active outdoors. 

For her she hopes that the biggest take away for students this year, "s that not only will they learn a lot of course material, but also they will realize how they are capable of adapting to unexpected circumstances that may get thrown their way and can still reach their goals regardless." Spoke like  a true teacher and supporter of students!


We salute you both!