During the Summer Institute we would like to feature our summer faculty so that you all can get to know them. 

This week we are featuring Writing Professor, Michael Monescalchi.Michael Monescalchi

When Professor Monescalchi is teaching, his favorite part is engaging with students. He says it's his favorite because, "it's not just when they’re done reaching a conclusion, but also as they’re in the process of making one. I know my class is a success when students are able to take a step back, revise their initial assumptions or preconceptions, and develop their own original conclusions about particular issues."

Of course when he isn't teaching he is eating the food he can't live without; Breaded chicken. Yum! While breaded chicken can be a great comfort food, as a writing teacher he really believes that Henry David Thoreau's Walden is that one book everyone should read at least once!  But if he needs to leave you with one final thought it would be the quote he lives by and beautifully spoken by Tom Petty; "Most things I worry about never happen anyway."


This week we are also featuring Math Professor Cecilia Arias   Cecilia Arias  

Professor Arias considers herself optimistic, loyal, and of course hardworking. To her, the love of math is exciting! She says,"I’ve always found math to be fun, interesting, and a pathway to other fascinating sciences (astronomy, medicine, engineering, etc.)... the possibilities are endless. Why not share that with others?!"

Of course while we appreciate having her, every summer she tells me that she loves to travel! She says, "a repeat destination for me is Texas... it’s got history, beaches, “hill country”, access to great music and food... you are never bored! Come to think of it, kind of reminds me of how NJ has a little of everything too (mountains, beaches, the FOOD ?, the people)!


Come back weekly to check out some more faculty features!