• Alexandra Vineque
  • Alexandra Vineque
  • Senior Counselor
  • Campus: Livingston Campus
  • Address:

    Lucy Stone Hall A229

    Piscataway NJ 

Alexandra Vineque is a first-generation college graduate and a Rutgers Alumna who earned a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from University College-Newark before obtaining a Master's Degree in Social Work from Fordham University. Her experiences in higher education began with work in the EOF Program as a Student Support Assistant and continues with experience working with Non-Traditional Students and Students where English was their Second Language in a Community College. She brings an expertise in the area of Information Technology including degree auditing systems, queuing systems, and other student servicing technologies. Alex is delighted to return to EOF and is eager to assist students on their higher education journey by providing academic advisement and support that improves their Rutgers experience.