• Chris Herasme

Being that I am a first generation college student, I never thought I would have had the opportunity to experience what most people do in a lifetime in a span of 5 months. Through the help of the SAS EOF department and their never-ending encouragement, I was able to make one of my dreams come true.I had the opportunity to Study abroad at the University of Valencia in Spain. At first, the thought of studying abroad did not seem attainable. My family has always been extremely supportive and always pushed me to follow my dreams regardless of the adversities I needed to overcome to accomplish them. I decided to pursue studying abroad and applied through the Global Education Department.Fall 2017 in Valencia, Spain was surreal. The people, the atmosphere, even the air felt different. While in Europe I had taken every opportunity to travel the world; 2 continents, 9 countries and 40 cities. I crossed from Europe to Morocco, Africa on a ferry, saw the famous Eiffel tower, and was able to travel to see my family during the Christmas season. All the knowledge, experiences and people that I gathered while abroad will always hold a special place in my heart and those 5 months will never be forgotten.

Best of Luck in Your travels,

Chris Herasme