• Salena Coaxum

SAS EOF would like to put a spotlight on Salena Coaxum. An alumna from the program, Ms. Coaxum graduated from Rutgers University in 2008. During her time at Rutgers University, Ms. Coaxum majored in Psychology and Communication and minored in Africana Studies. She has established herself as a Wellness Entrepreneur where she makes it her mission to help people make and achieve their health and fitness goals.

Through her busy schedule, Salena Coaxum finds time to give back to the SAS EOF program by serving as a mentor in the Alumni Virtually Influencing Student Success Mentoring Program. She is currently mentoring two young women and helping them develop academically, professionally, socially and personally. Ms. Coaxum challenges and supports them in managing their time, organizing their course preparation time, and finding new ways to enhance their studying efforts.

'I can honestly say the ladies and I are a great match', says Salena. 'Each week I feel closer to them. They are honest about their college experiences and respectful during our calls. I look forward to our next chat this week.'

On behalf of the SAS EOF community, we thank you Salena!