The Educational Opportunity Program Student Organization (EOPSA) acts as the official representative of the EOF student body for the Rutgers University-New Brunswick campus on a University-wide and state-wide level, fosters diversity and multiculturalism. The organization serves as a legislative advocacy group, provides leadership opportunities, and cultivates academic enhancement. EOPSA is the Rutgers University SAS chapter of AESNJ.

EOPSA consists of the following Committees: Legislative Affairs, University Affairs, Academic Affairs, and Community Affairs. These Committees focus on specific areas concerning the EOPSA and the EOF Program at Rutgers-New Brunswick-School of Arts and Sciences in an effort to strategically and efficiently carry out the roles and responsibilities of the EOPSA. 

Why join EOPSA?

  • Represent the EOF study body.
  • Be able to develop leadership skills and abilities through social and cultural activities.
  • Be able to note membership on resumes, job applications, and university admissions application.
  • Cultivate academic enhancement among EOF students.
  • Receive experience with advocacy and legislature.

Membership Criteria

  • Student in any EOF program at Rutgers University-New Brunswick

For further information, contact the advisor, Dr. Natasha Conover, at Natasha.conover@rutgers.edu.